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How did Nick become a Sunderland-addict?

It al started somewhere between 1981 and 1983. A Dutch budget store sold footie shirts for a ridiculous price. Nick and his friends were always playing football in the weekends from 9AM till 6PM at their local football ground of v.v. Hillegom. And when you play football you need football tops! So he got some money of his parents to buy two shirts in that budget store. They had lots of shirts. Names like Tottenham, Aston Villa were included as well. But Nick decided to go for the Italian National team (like all of his friends did) and....Sunderland!

sunderland le coq sportifAbout five years later Nick got his first computer, a Commodore 64. He also had a lot of games with it, but the one that he played the most was "Football Manager". The teams you could choose from were only English League Clubs, so he thought about his first shirt and chose to manage Sunderland. He played the game very often and he wanted to see the faces behind the names. But at that time there was no internet or sport tv channels, so he decided to write to Sunderland AFC who forwarded his letter to the Supporters Association of George Forster. Nick got a letter back and it included a teamphoto and he decided to become a member of the London/South England and overseas branch. But still there was little to see about Sunderland AFC. The only news we could get over here in Holland was the scores and table on ceefax.

In 1994 Nick and his girlfriend (and wife now) decided to go on holiday to England. They both had a plan. Lenneke wanted to see the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Haworth and Nick wanted to see Roker Park. So they planned to go at the end of August when the season had started. It was August 1994. Sunderland were almost bottom of division one (now Championship). Mick Buxton had just replaced Terry Butcher as a manager, but he couldn't do the trick. They saw Sunderland draw with Millwall (1-1) with Don Goodman scoring the only Sunderland goal. But the reception that Nick and Lenneke got was amazing. When they arrived at Roker Park with their bags still in their hands, they were asked to leave them at the reception and they were shown a full tour of Roker Park. They even met the whole team who just came back from training. When the tour was finished they were guided to the fantastic Brendon guesthouse in Roker and the tickets for the game were also waiting.

From that moment Nick got addicted. Peter Reid saved Sunderland that year for relegation (he arrived seven games before the end of the season with Sunderland still on a relegation spot) and the season after that he steered them to promotion.

In 1998 Nick decided to go to Sunderland again. The new Stadium of Light was opened and he brought some friends with him. He met Jonathan who was working at the ticket office and he became a true friend of the Dutch Mackems as they were already named. From that year Nick goes once, twice or sometimes even three times a year over to see his number one team in action. On this trips he has taken various friends, but all of them agree: Sunderland is a special warm and fantastic football club!

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