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23rd of July 2011 - 24th of July 2011
Pre-Season friendly
Borussia Monchengladbach - Sunderland
score: 0-0
crowd: 16.825

tickets 300note: 71' min Titus Bramble sent off

Officially this trip starts on Friday the 22nd of July. At 10 AM Mark and Sam arrived at Schiphol airport. They prefered to add an extra night out in Hillegom to their trip and join us to drive the next morning to Monchengladbach, Germany. Nick picked them up from Schiphol airport and took them to his home in Hillegom. They had a cup of coffee and Mark teached Owen and Liam how to head a football while jumping on the trampoline. Around noon they went to Hillegom village-centre to have a shoarma at Massada. After a quick shoarma it was finally time for a few beers. While walking to the pub, Nick bumped into Demis "Egg" Plomp. "Fancy a beer in the pub ?" asked Nick. "No I'm off home to watch the Alpe d'Huez climbing Tour the France stage" replied Egg. "They've got tv at the Kleine Beurs as well" said Nick. "Yeah, you're right" Egg answered. 005 MonchengladbachMark and Sam we're laughing. It's not difficult talking Egg into the pub. We had a couple of beers and around 5.30 PM Nilis, Pep and Guppio walked into the Kleine Beurs. But we also needed some food. So around 8 PM we walked to Indian Restaurant Avtar. And when you've had a couple of beers, you always have a too spicy dish. Mark did as well and he ended topless in the restaurant. After the food we had a small drink at Nilis' place and then later than planned off to bed (Mark and Sam stayed at Nilis', Nick, Pep and Guppio went home). The next day there was a trip planned to Germany....

At 8.30 AM Nick got a text message from Nilis. Breakfast was served. Nilis lives at walking distance from Nick's house, so with a hangover he walked towards Nilis' home. After arrival at Nilis it becomes clear that Mark has got a hangover as well. Breakfast is served lying on the floor. A bit later Peur and Tim van Lierop (from now he will be known as Tim and Timmo will be known as Guppio) and Drew arrive as well. This party of seven would drive to Monchengladbach. Peur gets in Nilis' car with Mark and Sam, while Tim and Nick get in the Kwaak-van of Drew's work. Off to Germany. Everything on the road is fine. Mark and Sam are asleep in Nilis' backseat and only wake up just past Eindhoven for a stop at a gasstation. Mark gets a huge soft-ice cream for him and Sam, so the delay is a bit longer than planned, because Nilis don't want any ice-cream in his car. After they finished they're ice-cream we're off for the last small bit to Monchengladbach.

007 MonchengladbachAround 1 PM we arrive at the hotel. At the hotel we meet Jonathan, who flew directly in from London to Dusseldorf. After the hotel check-in we get two taxi's to the ground. There are already a few fans outside. The first few beers were ordered on the square outside the ground and after about an hour we get our tickets and move to the stands. There's a lot of Sunderland support as always, and we also meet Brian and Eileen. The people from Hillegom are getting a bit hungry, so Nilis and Nick decide to order. Nick gets eight beers and Nilis gets eight sausages. Nilis gets his order earlier than Nick, so he walks past Nick with eight "Bratwursten". The other English fans in the queue yell at Nilis "you fat bastard".

013 MonchengladbachThe game was't pretty to watch. There were hardly any chances and the referee was obiously instructed to give more free kicks to the Germans. The only thing to be mentioned is the sending off for Titus Bramble in the 71st minute. It reminded me of an Emerson Thome sending off in a pre-season friendly versus NAC Breda a couple of years ago. It resulted in a ban for Thome for the first game of the season. So let's hope this doesn't go the same way.

After the game the English fans were directed to some busses who would drive them directly to the train station. Most of them left Monchengladbach straight away, because most of the fans were staying in Dusseldorf. We didn't so we got a bonus free long walk from the train station to the city square where the pubs were. We were glad there were some more English fans and also Brian and Eileen were there. It turned out into a great night out. We also bumped into Chris Andrews' sister Nicola again who we also met in London. Around 1 AM we decided to walk to the hotel.
031 MonchengladbachOn our way we passed a place that Sam thought looked to nice to walk past. So she got us in. Tim thanked us for this day and gave us a round of "schnapps", and after that we were guided to the back room where there was a dancefloor, lights and music. And we also recognised there was a majority of men. Mark got plenty of attention when he went on the dancefloor and took his top off. Sam decided to join him, what was a good choice. Jon was in a discussion with the barman about cricket, so after a while when we decided to leave, Jon chose to stay there and keep the discussion going.

In the hotel we tried to convince the doorman that it would be better to serve breakfast immediatly so we could stay in bed a bit longer, but he didn't agree. So we went to our rooms instead.

At 9 AM Nick woke up. Time to take a shower. Tim couldn't understand why this had to be so early. And half an hour later Drew is also rise and shine and showered. So Tim decided to do the same. At the breakfast table we meet the rest and around 11 AM we leave the hotel. Jon gets in the van with Drew, Tim and Nick. Because he would like to get dropped off in Rotterdam to meet Louisa. Mark and Sam get in the backseat of Nilis again and are dropped off in Amsterdam for another night out. But the weather is awful and they didn't get out that late. At 2 PM the rest of the party gets back in Hillegom. Another great memory in their minds.....

(written by Nick)

last match result:
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next match:
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