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24th of October 2008 - 27th of October 2008
Premier League
Sunderland - Newcastle United
score: 2-1 (20' min Djibril Cissé 1-0, 30' min Ameobi 1-1, 75' min Kieran Richardson 2-1)
crowd: 47.936


newcastle 2008 ticket 300After a great Liverpool trip we have had in February, Everton away was high on the priority list in the new season. When the schedule arrived, it was obvious that a second Liverpool trip in one year wasn't an option. The game was played on the 28th of December. At that time of year, almost every football-minded person in England is heading for the stadium, so it would be impossible to get tickets for that fixture. Nick had to have a look for some other options to attend a game then. Newcastle at home was also high on the list. Because this time it had to happen. After 28 long years finally beat the Scum at home! Drew (of course), Nilis and Frido were the ones who reacted positive for this trip and wanted to attend something special. But unfortunately Nilis' dad would celebrate his 65th birthday in the same weekend. A special day, so Nilis cancelled. Not just because the tables in the B & B's are made for four, it would be more ideal and more fun to have a trip for four. So, Nick, Drew and Frido started the search for someone who would like to join them. All three of them agreed soon that there was only one who could fit in, and that was Sven. And he didn't hesitate for a second…

Friday morning, 6.30 and Drew arrives at my front door. Nick and Sven are already in the car, so it was an early awakening for the lads. Ten minutes later Drew parks his Volvo 440 at pole position at the Nachtegaal and soon after that we are in the bus 61 to Schiphol. We go straight to the customs and we are lucky. We fly with KLM this time and they leave from the D-district of Schiphol….and that is where Murphy's pub is as well. But because of the time we just order 4 cups of coffee. The flight is good and we arrive around 9.00 AM local time at Scumcastle airport. It looks like Nick has been here before, because in a fart and a whiff we are in the metro to Sunderland. In Nick's opinion it takes about 20 minutes to get to Sunderland, but it were 35 (!) minutes. We get out of the metro and get into the Bridges for some shopping.  After bus ticket 150Drew had done his traditional sport-shopping and Nick has got  the usual presents for his blokes, we head for the guesthouse, what is in Nick's opinion a walk for about 20 minutes. 35 (!) minutes later we arrive at the seafront and the Balmoral Guesthouse, but there was no sign of Darren. We were told that he was out for some shopping, so we dropped our bags in the hall and walked to the nearest pub (New Derby) and wait there for Darren while we enjoyed our first pints. After two or three buckets of beer, Nick phoned the Balmoral and bingo! Darren just came back, so we could check into our rooms. As we arrived, Darren showed us our room and beside the 3 single beds, there is also a real doubter (or is it a hesitator?). We all agree that this will be the bed of our only single, Drew, for this weekend, because you just never know what happens….  After a much needed French shower we take a taxi to Durham for some cultural scenery. Not much luck this time. We are all really desperate for a piss, but mr. Cabdriver had to stop a couple of times because of some weird noises from underneath the taxi. But anyway, he drops us off in the town centre and we head into the first pub we see. Pffff what a relief, time for a piss. But the smell inside of the pub wasn't that nice, so we (4 non smokers) decide to sit with the smokers outside. Brrrrr, it is a bit cold, so bottoms up and off to the next pub. While we walk to the next pub, Sven doesn't forget to take a photo of the castle, so we can prove that we also have seen the cultural scenery. The next pub we get into is the Fighting Cocks. After another couple of pints we notice the spotted dick on the menu and we call for a taxi to Haswell Plough this time.

2008 10 015We were invited at Mark & Sam's for a BBQ, and we were welcome from about 6PM. It is 4PM now, so plenty of time to check out the local pub of Haswell Plough. In this 200 citizens village we had a choice of 2 local pubs: the Plough inn (more restaurant type) or the Gables (more hotel bar). We chose for the Gables, and wrong choice. This wasn't Mark’s local. The door was locked, and when we decided to check out the other one, someone called us from another door. It was the owner of the place. We were invited in and we walked straight into the late sixties. All walls were full of photos and paintings with all his hobbies and family (we even noticed that Adam Curry is also family). At the bar there were three and later 4 locals who were celebrating the fact that a new weekend had arrived. 2 pints and a couple of photos later we ask the landlord in which of the two streets Mark and Sam live. He shows us and we thank him for the pints and entertainment. Some minutes later we stand next to Mark's BBQ in his rather chilly backyard. Inside we get two kisses and a bottle of beer from Sam. And this was not the last bottle of the evening. 2008 10 044And what a night it was. First of all we get Wii™ bowling lessons from Sam's parents (79 and 81 years old) and after that daughter Sasha knocks us all out at the boxing game, what a party! The BBQ keeps burning for the rest of the night and now and then son Dominic shouts to his dad that another burger has turned black. The beer keeps arriving and there is even some karaoke and dancing (or in Nick's opinion walking). After we have done a round in the house for the 14th time on Amy Winehouses nice version of Cupid, it is finally time to get a taxi. We thank Mark & Sam for everything and half an hour later we are in bed with Drew's home made instant coffee.

Saturday morning, 9.30, breakfast. Darren wonders where the fourth bloke is as Sven, Drew and Nick arrive in the dining room. Well, he won't be in this morning. He is still busy with some burgers and weenies who are still arguing in his stomach. But anyway, at 11AM we are all fresh and fruity again with a bucket of beer in the pub. Jonathan is also inside, and after a short conversation he hands us our tickets and we head for the stadium. On the way to the stadium I decide to grap a burger, even when knowing that a pint has the same amount of calories as two slices of bread…. Before we get into the stadium Drew buys the traditional shirts and magazines. We have to be on the other side, so we get half a round outside. We notice a nutthead who walks in the opposite direction in a Scum shirt. We have to say that this was a type of bloke with the size of a whole building, but anyway… When we are inside Sven and I have to admit that this derby is more than just a game of football. Wow, the hatred all around us and, jeez they are really ugly! Our seats are one of the best in the house. 2008 10 056Second row of the pitch and right behind Newcastle's dug-out. We have seen the back of assistant Chris Hughton for the full 90 minutes as he stayed at the touchline for the whole game. 12.45 sharp, time for the kick-off. And soon we see what Keane has said to his players. They know what this derby means, what an atmosphere on the pitch. After 20 minutes Sunderland's hard work is rewarded with a (though it was a bit of luck) goal. Steed Malbranque keeps the ball up and shoots for goal, but on the way to it is turned in by: DJIBRIL CISSÉ, SUNDERLANDS NUMBER NINE!!! Yes, 1-0! It looks like it's finally going to happen, everybody feels it. About 10 minutes later we drop again disappointed on our seats. The for the rest of the game ok referee Riley makes a mistake and decides to give a free kick against Sunderland just outside of the left side of the area. Geremi's free kick is headed in by Ameobi; 1-1. The next 10 minutes in the Stadium don't look like the minutes before that. It seems like everybody, on and off the pitch, have to get their concentration again. So before half time there is no change in the scoreline, but Fulop had still to punch 2 balls out of the penalty area.

After the break it was an attacking Sunderland side again and they played with the Scum. But there were no real goal scoring oppurtunities, until the 72nd minute. Butt pulls Cissé down on the edge of the area. It takes about 2 minutes after the ball was placed on the right position until the referee agreed to take the kick. Just because Newcastle had planned a substitution and Geremi walks slowly off the pitch. Then the wall distance argument started and the tense inside the Stadium of Light builds up because everyone feels that this could be an important part of the game. Richardson takes it. And it lands like a bullet (117 km/h!) in the back of the net; 2-1 to Sunderland, YES! The Stadium almost erupts. In the last 15 minutes there’s even more chances for Sunderland to extend their lead (Jones heads just over the bar and Cissé hits the post), but even when Scum could only get one ball across the goal and one shot way over, it feels like those chances were more dangerous. 2008 10 061We can't stand it any longer, no-one can! Three minutes of stoppage time, fuck. Keane tactically brings on another sub (Andy Reid comes on). And then finally the moment. Riley blows the full time whistle. Everyone around us is going mad. In front of me is a bloke who starts crying. FINALLY!!! Nick also has got some tears in his eyes and I have to admit, I had also some difficulties in hiding my tears. I've been to a lot of Champions League matches of Ajax, but this was a match of much more importance. After about twenty minutes the stadium announcer asks the Sunderland supporters (I think there’s still about 10.000 of them still inside) if they could finally leave the Stadium because the Scum fans also want to go home. Even outside there's still lots of people celebrating and jumping up and down together. We walk along the crowd to the Howard Arms where we meet Brian and Eileen again.

After a couple of well earned nice cold pints we follow Jonathan and his friends to the Wolsey at the seafront. This is where the party really starts. The singing, clapping and stamping is unbelievable. It is even that loud that the landlord asks us to stop stamping and jumping, otherwise we might end up in the basement. He was right. The floor was going up and down that even the tables started dancing and the full (shame!!) pints ended up on the floor. After we had sang most of the songs about twenty times the whole party decided to head to the Harbour View. Nick had contacted Stuart and Jayne (who we know from our local pub de Kleine Beurs in Hillegom where they both used to live) and we would meet there. We were about the last persons who could get in, and it was hot and crowded inside. But anyway, while we're now here, we might as well get a couple of pints, so we did. After a couple of hours Nick's private parts were drenched in beer when a full pint fell over. And this looks funny especially when he sits on a chair with his eyes closed and tries to concentrate on his hick-ups. When we finally stopped laughing we go to the next pub. That’s the Queen Vic where they got a karaoke on (every Saturday night). So more pints and there's even a few singers among us. Pottsy got on stage first followed by Kathy and Nick who sang a duet (Baby when you're gone, from Bryan Adams and Mel C.) 2008 10 078We were almost to drunk to walk, but there was still time for Nick to have his photo taken with Gary Rowell (who scored a hattrick at St. James' park some years ago) and with Kevin Kyle. They were surprised to see four Dutch blokes who were so drunk to celebrate Sunderlands win over the Scum. And Keven Kyle was amazed that Nick could remember his bullet header winning goal (3-2) against Ipswich in the 85th minute when Nick was in the Stadium of Light a couple of years ago. At around 10.30 PM, eight of us decide (the four Hillegom-blokes, John, Kathy, Pottsy and Dave) to get a curry (or a bloody Chinese for those who went to Liverpool). Nick says it's about a 5 or 10 minutes walk, but we have learned, so we add about 75% to that. When we're there, we order our usual curry. No-one gets the Vindaloo (yes, Sven is new and drunk, but not crazy) and an hour later we were full and left. On the way back Nick gets the hick-ups again (but they are gone real quick) and Sven gambles by doing a wild piss. We arrive at the guesthouse, say bye bye to the rest and get straight into bed. Nick even sleeps before he could get under the sheets, so he ends up on top of it. No coffee for Nick. Buddy Drew is a bit disappointed. But he wants to do something special for his mate, so he tucks him in. But anyway, I was in for a coffee, so me, Sven and Drew had one. When we finished our coffee we finally said: Goodnight boys!

2008 10 1002008 10 114Sunday morning, 8.30 AM. No-one was feeling sick. Phew. The four of us have breakfast and after that we get a shower and everything else. Not in a hurry we arrive around 11.30 AM at the New Derby to play some pool. But it only opens at noon. Drew said we might go for a short walk to the seafront and take some photo's for his new album that he eventually might record some time. Well, the photo's are much better than the album. Half an hour later it's time for the three p's; Pub, Pint and play Pool. Nick fills up the jukebox and it feels like we own the place. About half an hour later Jon arrives at the pub. We decided to watch Chelsea vs. Liverpool in here on the big screen. We have lunch, and why not, have another pint. Unfortunately we hear that the big music quiz that we wanted to play in a different pub later that night, is not on. There is a pub quiz in the New Derby that night, so we decide to attend to that one. Jon asks us if we're in for some ten pin bowling in the afternoon for the next hours. Good idea, so get our coats and off we go. When we arrive at the bowling centre (around 4PM) we were amazed to see that there's 32 (!!!) lanes, and they are all busy. The bloke behind the counter tells us that the first free lanes will be at 7PM. There's a big competition tournament going on, that's why. Again unfortunate. Jon has another idea, Icehockey! None of us has ever been to an Icehockey game, so what is better that get to a premier league match of the Newcastle Vipers vs. the Basingstoke Bisons? We have to be quick, because the game faces-off in 45 minutes and we have to get to the Newcastle Metro Arena. So we call for a taxi and arrive in time. There are still tickets. We were sitting behind the goal in the corner, and there plenty of room around us. vipers ticketWhen the game was 5 minutes old we knew why there was still plenty of room in that area. This is only the place where thrillseakers and people who are tired of living will sit. With all the pucks that go over the boarding, you're not sure of getting out alive. Even worse, at the end of the first period a puck heads straight for our seats and I go for it immediately and got hold of the puck, straight between the teeth (to prove it there is a photo of it in the photo section). After three tight and entertaining periods there is a 8-0 final score on the board. 2008 10 126We wake up the four Bison fans, leave the Arena and get a taxi from the station to the New Derby where we meet Kathy right before the quiz starts. But this is not the thing we thought about when we decided to join in. It's more like a kind of bingo with some young unintelligible host and some loud talking people at the bar (one nicknamed "the Building", so we better not argue) we drop the reins a bit and don't make much of a hassle of it. After the quiz one more final round and Jon and Kathy leave. Nick makes new friends with two Swedish lads. One of them is almost asleep and the other one explains to Nick in unintelligible English that his mate has got a colostomy which needs to be emptied. A good story, well we'd better leave too. We end up in a take-away for a pizza (and we were the only ones, check out our take-away order number ticket) and call it a night. Goodnight lads!take away ticket 150

boarding card newcastle 150Monday morning, 8.30 AM. Plenty of time for breakfast. After that the usual shower, get dressed and pack our bags. We say goodbye to Darren and because we fly at 2PM there's still time to get into town. We decide to go to the clubshop at the Stadium for some more souvenirs. Drew even gets his free ALS t-shirt (he had bought 2 before the match on Saturday and when we read their magazine the day after we saw it said pay for 2 and get 3, hey, we are still Dutch aren't we?) Nick get's the new arrived 2-1 shirt and Drew helps the club to spend some money in the clubshop. But they need to get into Sven's luggage, as Drew's bag is almost exploding with all the shirts, shorts, socks, mousemats he'd bought. With all this extra luggage we tet to the metro. But at St. Peter's there's only a coin machine and the coins are…..in the New Derby jukebox. For about 5 minutes we stare at the machine, but there's  no chance that we can get some tickets out of it. So we agree that a taxi is much more comfortable and Nick calls for one to get us to the airport. Plenty of time at the airport, so we go for a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Holycow, Nick arrives with four buckets of coffee, well there goes all of our spare time. An hour later we are flying towards Amsterdam. We have a good flight and at Schiphol everything goes very quick and bus 61 is already waiting for us. So ahead of schedule we arrive at de Nachtegaal. This spare weekend was also good for Drew's Volvo, because the horn is working again. This is only for about ten minutes, because when we get into Hillegom there is nothing left, than a peeping mouse sound. Drew drops us off, one by one and time starts to look back on another great weekend. We've learned some new typical Dutch sayings who sound translated in English much different like "stablelegs", "it falls with" and what about "a withfoamer".

Conclusion in the end: WE BEAT THE SCUM 2-1!

Thanks lads,

(written by Frido)

last match result:
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