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8th of August 2001
Pre-Season friendly
Vitesse Arnhem - Sunderland
score: 1-2 (15' min Jody Craddock 0-1, 22' min Kevin Kilbane 0-2, 53' min Bob Peeters 1-2)
crowd: 9.800


vitesse ticket 300A midweek game during summer holiday. Perfect ! Wieb (Nick's brother-in-law), Drew and Nick get on the train early afternoon in Hillegom. It is quite a long train ride. Around 4 PM we arrive at Arnhem Central Station and search for the first pub we can find. Plan is to wait there for two more Lads: Paddy and Francis (another Nick's brother-in-law). Of course they walk the wrong way, but they found a beer sign on the wall. And there were even Sunderland supporters inside. This was not just a pub, but also a small hotel, so that's where they stayed for the night. Paddy and Francis arrived, so off to the next pub.

We got back to the station and walked the other way. Immediately we saw a huge pub and a lot of Sunderland supporters inside. Time for another couple of beers. And when you sit nice and relaxed enjoying your beer, time flies. It was a long walk from the pub to the Gelredome, so we decided to take a taxi. When we arrived at the ground, we were treated like animals. All Sunderland supporters were directed to the away area that was like a cage. For the whole game we were behind glass. When we complained to stewards and also about the fact that there was nothing to drink in the away area (and there was beer available in the rest of the ground), they couldn't understand that they heared Dutch speaking Sunderland supporters.

Anyway, the match was much better. Especially the first half. Sunderland went into the break leading 2-0 and goals were scored by Jody Craddock and Kevin Kilbane. After the break there were a lot of substitutions and Vitesse took control. Bob Peeters scored 1-2 and Vitesse pressed for the 2-2. But Sunderland defended well and the full time score was 1-2 to Sunderland. That's a good result.

After the game we went back to the pub close to the station, so we could get the train when needed. After a couple of beers it was time to get back and just past midnight we arrived at Hillegom station again. This was where Nick realised he'd lost his keys. So the day ended not as good as it should have.

(written by Nick)

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